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About Leed (Light Feed)

Generality :


Leed (contraction of Light Feed) is a minimalistic RSS feed aggregator which allows quick and non-intrusive reading of feeds.

All the tasks are done silently with a scheduled task (Cron), thus the user is not faced with the slow down due to the retrieveing and processing of the feeds.

Leed is compatible with all monitors' resolution, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones and accessible from all the browsers.

The script is also compatible with OPML import/export, which makes easier the migration from aggregators respecting the OPML standard.


  • 1. Get the current version of the project from the GIT repository or the archive
  • 2. Place the content on your web folder and give it and its content all the read/write rights (chmod 777)
  • 3. From your browser, navigate to the installation page (http://mysite.com/leed/install.php) and follow the instructions.
  • 4. Once the installation is finished, delete the install.php file for security reasons.
  • 5. Edit your cron (to access the cron file: sudo crontab -e) and place a call to the following page http://mysite.com/leed/action.php?action=synchronize&code=votre_code_synchronisation ex :
    0 * * * * wget --no-check-certificate -q -O /var/www/leed/logsCron 'http://mysite.com/leed/action.php?action=synchronize&code=votre_code_synchronisation'
    The synchronization code is indicated in Manage > Preferences
    To update all the feeds every hour at minute 0 (do not place too frequent call to the script to allow it to takes place correctly).
  • 6. The script is installed, thank you for choosing Leed, the free and svelte RSS aggregator :p.


  • For any question and suggestion: Check first whether the answer is present in the FAQ or the projects' wiki, if not send me your questions/suggestions at http://blog.idleman.fr
  • To reset the password, create a file resetPassword at the site's root. The login will always work, the provided password will replace the former one.